Central European Swing Dance Camp - INT week

Central European Swing Dance Camp - INT week

  • When? 12th Aug 2018 - 18th Aug 2018
  • Country: Hungary
  • Town: Nova
  • Website: http://www.ceusdc.com
  • Styles: Lindy Hop

Gathering of Central European dance communities to dance a week together. We take over a whole hotel where we have classes, parties & cultural activities. Some of our classes are as small as 6-8 couples. This week is for Intermediate level dancers.


Andrè Schidler and Natalia Turczynska, Jan Kubriczký and Kler Přecechtělová, Marcell Bendik and Barbara Joó, Metod Javornik and Eva Počivavšek Janhar, Michal Trunečka and Tereza Beránková

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