• When? 23rd Feb 2018 - 25th Feb 2018
  • Country: France
  • Town: Paris
  • Website:
  • Styles: Charleston, Jazz, Lindy Hop
  • Competitions: Jack'n'Jill, Strictly, and 30 seconds showcase

Come join the 4th edition of our international Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz Festival, in the very heart of Paris, France WHAT TO EXPECT This year, more than 12 International teachers will be there to share their knowledge. 5 levels + an invitational level 6h of Lindy hop + 2h of Solo Jazz We'll host 3 parties with 3 live bands ! Come compete in our 3 divisions : Jack'n'Jill, Strictly, and 30 seconds showcase. Classes will be held in the very centre of Paris, in gorgeous venues. You can visit, get some nice food, have a coffee... in between your classes.


Egle Regelskis and Martynas Stonys, Hasse Mattson and Marie Mattson, Michael Jagger and Evita Arce, Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama, Pontus Persson and Isabella Gregorio, Sep Vermeersch and Alexia Legoueix

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