Moscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp

Moscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp

  • When? 3rd Jan 2018 - 8th Jan 2018
  • Country: Russian Federation
  • Town: Moscow
  • Website:
  • Styles: Balboa, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Jazz, Lindy Hop
  • Competitions: Jack and Jill competitions, Teachers battle, Underground battles

Well alright! Are you ready for Russian hot winter? We are looking forward to seeing you in MXDC 2018, January 3rd to 8th! Save these dates to enjoy: -5 greatest nights with the live music -5 different tracks (lindy hop, boogie-woogie, balboa, blues, and solo) -Jack and Jill competitions -Teachers battle -Underground battles -Bonus tracks -Big hotel near Moscow with a swimming pool, sauna, etc.


Adamo Ciarallo and Vicci Moore, Hector Artal and Sonia Ortega, Jean Charles Zambo, Sondre Olsen-Bye and Tanya Georgiievska, Thomas Audon and Sophie Allaf

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