Swingin’ The Blues

Swingin’ The Blues

  • When? 25th Mar 2018 - 29th Mar 2018
  • Country: Australia
  • Town: Katoomba, New South Wales
  • Website: http://swingintheblues.com.au/
  • Styles: Blues, Lindy Hop

A new and exciting event in Australia. Set in the breathtaking Blue Mountains, this camp aims to bring people together for a few days in a less central (but still easily accessible) location, to spend time together learning, dancing and hanging out with each other. A place to really get to know your fellow dance peeps.


Andy Fodor and Shobhana Nambair, Chris Gaspardis, Dan Rosenthal and Mike Legett, Kara Martin, Kenneth Gosnold, Leigh Richards, Max Pogonowski, Michael Jagger and Evita Arce, Vanessa Nimmo

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