SwingSummit Week 6

SwingSummit Week 6

  • When? 18th Aug 2019 - 25th Aug 2019
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Town: Ardeche
  • Website: http://www.swingsummit.com/
  • Styles: Charleston, Jazz, Lindy Hop

* Maximum 8-10 couples per class * Lots of personal attention from the instructors * 4.5 hours of classes per day, 6 days * 30 min guided practice time after every class * All classes match and/or build upon each other * High intermediate to high advanced BONUS: Stunning views and a swimming pool!!


Ali Taghavi and Claudia Fonte, Areski Stichweh and Kris Blindert, David Afonso and Catia Fonseca

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