Are You Syncopated?!

Are You Syncopated?!

  • When? 29th Sep 2022 - 2nd Oct 2022
  • Country: Germany
  • Town: Berlin
  • Website:
  • Styles: Balboa, Blues, Jazz, Lindy Hop, Shag

The Syncopation Society presents its first festival with the support of the fantastic network of musicians from Berlin combined with special guests from abroad including Meschiya Lake, who will come to Europe especially for the occasion. Other international guests include Ewan Bleach from London, Mauro L. Porro from Milan and saxophonist Nanna Carling from Stockholm. Each night will pair a concert with a jam session involving the local Berlin scene. This event is designed to attract dancers (Lindy, Balboa, Shag) but an important point is also to generate interest for the music and to create a unique opportunity for musicians to exchange on stage for a dancing audience. The festival program includes a music workshop to learn or deepen their knowledge of traditional jazz. Other key points are the lectures, panel discussions and dance tasters which will create teaching and learning opportunities. The two main topics being black heritage in jazz and diversity in the modern swing dancing scene.


Joren Baraka - Belgium Jean Bartolome - Berlin Joris Focquaert - Belgium Momo - Osnabrück

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