Boogie Madness 10 Spring Edition

Boogie Madness 10 Spring Edition

  • When? 11th Feb 2020 - 28th Feb 2020
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Town: Borovets
  • Website:
  • Styles: Boogie Woogie

Spend 4 days (3 nights) in a 4 star hotel, in the beautiful Rila mountain. The camp has 3 levels with prelims (INT, ADV, ADV++), 8 workshops per level with world class teachers. The price includes the workshops, 3 parties, accommodation and food! Starting from 150 euro per person. Registration opens on 20.October 2019. Boogie Woogie only with a lot of young Bulgarians. Check out the website for more info!


Sondre Olsen-Bye and Tanya Georgiievska William Pisani and Alice Faraone Vladislav Ivanov & Albena Lekova

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