Brescia Balboa Festival ” The Series”

Brescia Balboa Festival ” The Series”

  • When? 8th Mar 2024 - 10th Mar 2024
  • Country: Italy
  • Town: Brescia
  • Website:
  • Styles: Balboa

eekender Event Details: Brescia Balboa Festival - The Series is a serialized festival entirely dedicated to balboa that takes place one weekend per month, from October to May. You can either sign up for the entire series or choose individual weekends. At each event, you will have the opportunity to study with the four featured teachers. The study schedule is carefully planned, and the levels are three: basic, intermediate, and advanced. In addition to the classic lessons, there will be classes on musicality and the history of dance and music


Jeremy Otth-Laura Keat, Lucia Galiana-Javi Zurdo

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