Fly to the Moon

Fly to the Moon

  • When? 28th Mar 2024 - 31st Mar 2024
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Town: Ostrava
  • Website:
  • Styles: Balboa, Blues, Lindy Hop

Do you do the Lindy hop, the Balboa or the Blues? Do you want to get better at these dances or just dance them at great parties? Then look forward to the Easter season, when the third edition of the unique slow dance festival - Fly to the Moon - will take place in Ostrava! What can you look forward to? 3 parties 2 tasters 10 lecturers 6 lessons of Blues, Slow Bal and Slow Lindy Hop Bands and DJs: The Lewis Creaven Band (Friday) Géri and Jasters (Saturday)


Kamila Kahounová, Štěpán Pilecký (Slow Lindy Hop) Veronika Lupková, Adam Birka (Slow Lindy Hop) Soňa Lepíková, Tomáš Korec (Blues) Pavla Tomanová, Martin Šandera (Blues) Michaela Jordánková, Štěpán Jordánek (Slow Bal)

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