GoAt Swing Exchange

GoAt Swing Exchange

  • When? 7th Oct 2022 - 9th Oct 2022
  • Country: Poland
  • Town: Poznan
  • Website: http://goatswing.com
  • Styles: Balboa, Charleston, Jazz, Lindy Hop, Shag

GoAt Swing Exchange is the largest swing event in Poznań: a city where the goats — the symbol of the capital of Greater Poland — dance at the top of the town hall every day at noon smile The idea for the event was born in 2016 in the minds of five enthusiasts during a summer trip to a festival in Kraków. Hungry for such events in their own backyard, they rolled up their sleeves and organized the first edition of GSX in 4 months. We are preparing the fourth edition this year! GoAt Swing Exchange is not only dance parties — it is not a regular exchange! We stand out among the events in that we organize Private Classes for you, in which you can learn from instructors we invited. You decide about the topic of the class and who will be with you in the group — a maximum of 12 people because we care about the high quality of these classes. And who wants to take a break from classes, we offer wonderful dance parties! Let's meet at the GoAt Swing Exchange in Poznań — the city of swing lovers, St. Martin's croissants, goats and... potatoes smile


Jessica Miller & William Fultonm Isabel Gregori & Víctor López Eglė Nemickaitė & Arnas Razgūnas

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