Landy Hop

Landy Hop

  • When? 25th Jul 2020 - 26th Jul 2020
  • Country: Germany
  • Town: Adelsberg (Stuttgart)
  • Website:
  • Styles: Balboa, Lindy Hop

Landy Hop" means Lindy Hop dancing in the countryside. The Zachersmohle old mill is a place where nature and culture come together and where kids and families are always welcomed. An open air dance floor, children's playground just next to it, donkeys, goats, bunnies and a small brook on the other side, something to offer for everyone. During breaks between dance classes, you can enjoy a 'wild herbs hike' and discover the nature around. The restaurant in the mill offers dining together, the dining times are organized to be suitable for families. There will also be a Tipi set up next to the children's playground where kids can hide in an unlikely case of worse weather conditions. The harmony with nature will get perfectly complete only if you decide to overnight in a tent on a meadow a few meters behind the mill. In a place like this it is very enjoyable and relaxing to stay for the whole weekend. Overnighting on the meadow is free of charge and open air shower is included. Restroom in the mill restaurant can be used. Welcome kids!! Welcome families!! Registration starts March15, 2020 at 8pm


Gasper Horvat and Anni Skoglund

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