Leapin’ Lindy

Leapin’ Lindy

  • When? 22nd Feb 2024 - 25th Feb 2024
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Town: Bern
  • Website: https://leapinlindy.ch
  • Styles: Jazz, Lindy Hop, Shag

Lindy Hop, Solo and Collegiate Shag Workshop in Bern, Switzerland. Workshops (Lindy Hop, Solo, Collegiate Shag) on Saturday and Sunday. Thursday Party with DJs, Friday and Saturday Parties with Carolina Reapers Swing and Reverent Juke, Sunday Party with Gordon Webster.


Ariadna Beltran & Simon Bressanelli, Bianca Locatelli & Nils Andrén, Breonna Jordan & Tyedric Hill, Helena Kanini Kiiru & Felix BerghAll, Sandy Lewis & MartI­ Gasol, Trisha Sewell

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