Lyon Swing Festival

Lyon Swing Festival

  • When? 10th Nov 2022 - 13th Nov 2022
  • Country: France
  • Town: Lyon
  • Website:
  • Styles: Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Jazz, Lindy Hop

Passionate dancer or simply curious to discover the swing atmosphere of the 30s, this event on the theme "Charlie Chaplin" is waiting for you! 26 hours of lessons and 3 evenings 5h of Lindy Hop in each level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) 3h of Solo Jazz in each level (beginner, inter/advanced) 2 hours of Boogie Woogie competition 2h introduction to Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz surprise activities, an opening night with DJ Stomp Sohier and his vinyls, 2 Charlie Chaplin-themed evenings with the Hot Swing Sextet in a large 700m2 room, with catering and bar â­ The evenings will be animated by live concerts of swing orchestras and DJ sets Swing and Rhythm'n'Blues, artists' shows and Mix & Match competitions to ignite the dancefloor! Shuttles will be set up between Lyon center, stations and dance halls to facilitate your travels!


Pamela Gaizutyte & Tadas Vasiliauskas Ariadna Beltran & Simon Bressanelli Florent Llamas

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