Mermaid Swing Festival

Mermaid Swing Festival

  • When? 21st Oct 2022 - 23rd Oct 2022
  • Country: Poland
  • Town: Warsaw
  • Website:
  • Styles: Lindy Hop

Once upon a time there were magical creatures living among us. Long gone? They say some of them have started awakening in Poland! A dragon was seen. Someone saw goats leaving the tower and it is believed that unicorns tracks have been found. Now theres a rumour that in Warsaw a strange creature is singing by the river. Can you hear her song? Its getting louder and louder! The Mermaid of Warsaw is back. And shes calling. Luring you to come to the Mermaid Swing Festival this fall! Its also our 4th birthday so lets celebrate! Warsaw Swing Alliance cordially invite you to enjoy: - 6 hours of lindy hop workshops with great international teachers - 4 levels: int, int/adv, adv and adv+ - 3 parties with live music - 2 competitions


Pamela Gaizutyte & Tadas Vasiliauskas Eugenia Diaco & Santi Arana Astrid Akay & Sander Costermans

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