Slow Dance Soiree

Slow Dance Soiree

  • When? 12th Jul 2024 - 14th Jul 2024
  • Country: United States
  • Town: Rochester
  • Website:
  • Styles: Balboa, Blues, Lindy Hop

Our inspiration for Slow Dance Soiree was to provide a slow dance weekend specifically tailored for Lindy Hoppers, but this weekend will be inclusive of lots of different dance styles! Our teachers draw their inspiration not just from Lindy Hop, but from Blues, Balboa, Tango, and more. The classes at the event will focus on core movements and techniques that can help all aspects of dancing, and we're sure the music will keep dancers from all backgrounds moving.


Anthony Chen & Irina Amzashvili Dee Daniels Locke Cara de Grandpré & Kim Bernatchez

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