Swing Blender Weekend

Swing Blender Weekend

  • When? 27th Jan 2023 - 29th Jan 2023
  • Country: Greece
  • Town: Nafplion
  • Website: https://fb.me/e/3eLjUXAWN
  • Styles: Balboa, Jazz, Lindy Hop

A winter weekend in the most vintage & atmospheric city! A getaway full of learning, dancing and exploring! 3 days full of smiley people, Lindy hop, Balboa & solo jazz classes, fun parties & surprises in picturesque Nafplion Greece! Swing it! Blend it! Dance it! Swing your mood! Blend swing dances! Dance till you drop!


Balboa: Athens Balboa (Alexandra & George) Lindy hop: Maria & Dimitris /Donata & Alexandros Solo jazz: Donata, Maria, Dimitris Theme class: Alexandros & Timos

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