Swing United

Swing United

  • When? 2nd Oct 2020 - 4th Oct 2020
  • Country: Germany
  • Town: Offenbach am Main
  • Website: http://www.swingunited.de
  • Styles: Lindy Hop

The Swing Jets are proudly announcing the 3rd edition of Swing United. This year`s edition will feature amazing Lindy Hop classes given by six international teachers, three bands, three parties and a tea dance. Taking place in amazing venues in Offenbach, a city next to Frankfurt am Main. Starting on Friday afternoon with three special classes to get ready for two workshop days with the inspiring teachers Charlotte and Joseph from London, Jessy and Markus from Austria and Isabelle and Eran from Germany and Israel. Enjoy the first night with Maurice Kuehn and his quartet and the brilliant voice of Jana Schrietter. The main party on Saturday in the charming Büsing-Palais will musically accompanied by Belmondos Tanzkapelle who have dedicated themselves entirely to the swing of the 30s and 40s inspired by the danceability of the big band sound and the playful fusion of art and entertainment. The after party in the Parkside Studios will present the amazing jazz and blues voice of Pramila Chenchanna who together with her boys, will carry you through the night with their atmospheric sounds. Last but not least you can cool down at the cosy Sunday afternoon tea dance after the last workshop day and enjoy delicious home made cake. We are looking forward to seeing you at Swing United 2020.


Joseph Sewell & Charlotte Middlemiss Markus Kakuska & Jesssica Kaiser Eran Tobi & Isabelle Jaschke

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