The Royal Swing Fest - 5th edition

The Royal Swing Fest - 5th edition

  • When? 2nd Feb 2020 - 3rd Feb 2020
  • Country: Italy
  • Town: Collegno - Turin
  • Website:
  • Styles: Boogie Woogie, Jazz, Lindy Hop, Shag

A special celebration to honour our 5th year with a ROYAL weekend! Historical location, swing Dancers from all over the world, super international Teachers, royal and crazy Parties with djs and live bands, Competitions, Shows ... a lot of social dance! Get ready for celebrate the 5th edition of The Royal Swing Fest with us! At THE ROYAL SWING FEST you can learn, dance and smile!


Moe Sakan (JAP) Vincenzo Fesi (ITA) Mimmi Gunnarsson (SWE) Nils Nygardh (SWE) EglÄ— NemickaitÄ— (LIT) Arnas Razgunas (LIT) Lizette Ronnqvist (SWE) Patrik Pettersson (SWE) Sep Vermeersch (BEL) Ella Gustavsson (SWE) Anders Sihlberg (SWE) Roxane Varon (FRA) Florent Llamas (FRA) Leticia Marta­n (SPA) Fernando Morrison (ARG) Serena Clerici (ITA) Massimiliano Montomoli (ITA) Valentina Liotta (ITA) Davide Rizzo (ITA) Katerina Roussou (GRE) Anna Portell Bueso (SPA) Alison Parla (FRA) Fred Caputo (FRA) Lester Ian Philip (ITA) Vittorio Paragallo (ITA)

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