Uptown Rhythm

Uptown Rhythm

  • When? 16th May 2019 - 19th May 2019
  • Country: Lithuania
  • Town: Vilnius
  • Website: http://uptownrhythm.lt/
  • Styles: Jazz, Lindy Hop

The hepest cats jammin’ straight through the night, Swingin syncopations flyin through the air! Killer diller instructors dishin out delight, Uptown Rhythm is a jivin jitterbug affair! 4 Themed Parties at exquisite venues 5+ Bands with rhythm to spare 9 Hours of Classes in your choice of Lindy hop or Solo jazz 12 World class inspirational Instructors A number of lively Competitions and delightful Performances


Andrew Hsi and Kamilė Pundziūtė, Arnas Jasiūnas and Jo Hoffberg, Daniil Nikulin and Simona Pogosian, Markus Rosendal and Sandra Klack, Rikard Ekstrand and Pamela Gayzutyte, Tadas Vasiliauskas and Claudia Fonte

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