Warsaw Swing Exchange

Warsaw Swing Exchange

  • When? 19th Jul 2019 - 21st Jul 2019
  • Country: Poland
  • Town: Warsaw
  • Website: http://swingexchange.pl
  • Styles: Balboa, Lindy Hop, Shag

We warmly invite you to first edition of our new event - Warsaw Swing Exchange! What to expect? A summer weekend full of swing dancing during 3 main parties, including one featuring live band in Warsaw's finest ballroom, with“ tasters, competitions, as well as additional activities during daytime.


(Tasters only!) Maria Śla czka & Rafa Śla czka, Agnieszka Cherubińska & Grzegorz Cherubiński, Kasia Bąk & Tomek Miotk, Cherry Moreno & Filip Górski, Kasia Choma & Robert Torbiczuk

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