Weekend in the Shag Republic 2019

Weekend in the Shag Republic 2019

  • When? 27th Sep 2019 - 29th Sep 2019
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Town: Prague
  • Website: http://shagrepublic.cz/
  • Styles: Shag

We bring you another set of lectures of Collegiate and St. Louis Shag, parties, teachers and fun activities you can have on your holiday in the Shag Republic this autumn. In 4 levels for Collegiate Shag and 2 levels of St. Louis Shag, with possibility of Shag COMBO for the biggest enthusiasts! More information on FB or on our website. So stay on your toes!


Filip Górski and Cherry Moreno, Martí Gasol and Sandy Lewis, Vlad Kuznetsov and Anastasia Feoktistova

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