Drag the Blues

Drag the Blues

  • When? 19th Oct 2018 - 21st Oct 2018
  • Country: Spain
  • Town: Barcelona
  • Website: http://www.dragtheblues.com
  • Styles: Blues
  • Competitions: Crazy JnJ, Regular JnJ and solo

Come to the biggest Blues festival in Europe! If you like blues and dance it, it is the place to be wink What Drag the Blues offer to you? Live music almost all the time with 10 different bands Better DJ''s but not many due to live bands Huge venues with two rooms; Classic blues and fusion blues Very good dancers from all over the world More than 7 hours of dance every night 10 class hours with international teachers Very city center venues Barcelona and its weather at the end of summer


Adamo Ciarallo and Vicci Moore, Cedric Clerc and Caroline Faivre, Dextor Santos and Becky Norris, Ferran Puig and Noemí Castell, Ksenia Parkhatskaya, Mark Carpenter and Alli Yancey

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