Dragon Swing: Lindy Underground

Dragon Swing: Lindy Underground

  • When? 21st Nov 2018 - 25th Nov 2018
  • Country: Poland
  • Town: Cracow
  • Website: http://www.dragonswing.pl
  • Styles: Jazz, Lindy Hop

Get ready for 9th edition of the International Swing Festival with 4 days of workshops and 5 nights of vintage style parties in amazing venues! Dance in the most beautiful and stylish ballrooms in our district, including legendary Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Old Tram Depot. Join our classes and tasters. This year we plan to have Solo Charleston and Vernacular Jazz on 2 levels and 7 groups of Lindy Hop on 4 levels. For parties - we will have live music every night and during three main parties (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) 2 different bands will play for you! Be ready for: Shirt Tail Stompers; Carolina Reapers; Heart of Dixie and Lazy Swingers Band. We are waiting for you! smile


Alice Mei, Andrew Hsi and Diana Geisler, Dmitry Vostrikov and Daria Chupyrkina, Felipe Braga and Pavlina Grombiri Korcova , Joris Focquaert and Yana Sanamyantz, Joshua Mclean and Earanee Niedzwiecki, Maxi Prado and Agus Zero, Peter Kertzner and Elze Visnevskyte, Shorty George and Ira Ishchuk

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