Swing ‘n’ Swim

Swing ‘n’ Swim

  • When? 11th Jun 2018 - 17th Jun 2018
  • Country: Greece
  • Town: Chalkidiki Peninsula
  • Website: http://www.swingnswim.com
  • Styles: Blues, Charleston, Jazz, Lindy Hop

This is the legendary Camp in Greece, a week were everything is outdoors! Be part of nature and feel the lindylove all around! A week of classes with the best teachers, amazing music, open air classes and dances under the stars 10 steps from the sea! Swing parties, vintage swimwear contest, shows, side events, talks, live music and afternoon super fun beach parties, plus greek food, sun, a golden beach, turquoise waters of Armenistis and dancers from 30 countries celebrating uniqueness, friendship, the love of swing dance and jazz music and togetherness. A place were we meet. Summer begins here. P.S. You need shoes only for dancing.


Alex Marinis and Christina Loukaki, Anders Sihlberg and Mikaela Hellsten, Catrine Ljunggren, Daniel Larsson, Fredrik Dahlberg and Mimmi Gunnarsson, Nathan Bugh and Gaby Cook

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